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2018 - Number 51


The Terrain - the Center Circle is Marked For Deployment
El Alamein With Flames of War -
Second Battle of Alam el Onsol:

Tom and I recently fought another campaign battle, this time at Alam el Onsol. This was a counterattack by the newly-arrived 9th Australian Division, aimed at restoring supply to the El Alamein box and cutting off the Axis spearhead on the Coast Road, near Alam el Dakar.

Alam el Onsol is an open area, and our section was covered with a single ridge, along with several areas of rocky ground and soft sand. Tom used his attached infantry tanks to pus aggressively toward the Italian objective, defended by dug in infantry from the Bologna Division. He utilized smoke quite well, limiting his losses on approach, and was able to push the Italian forces off the objective after heavy fighting. They were obliged to fall back, leaving the area under Australian control.

Deployment Underway - Tom Utilized Spearhead to Get His Armor Closer

Massed Infantry Tanks and Armored Cars Advance

British View of the Italian Defences

Italian Fire Kills a Valentine and Bails Another, But Tom Passes His Last Stand Check

More Casualties, But the Valentines Approach Undaunted

The Assault Goes In

Overrunning the Defenders

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