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2018 - Number 50


Soviets Seize Another Rail Station
Bolt Action: Giant Stalingrad Game

One of our gaming groups has been working on a Stalingrad project for much of the year, and we finally got to see the end result recently. The used the full table space in our Craigspiel room, and the setup included boats crossing the Volga River under Stuka attack, an area of city complete with sewer movement, a large factory, and some surrounding countryside complete with train stations that allowed faster reinforcement.

The action featurd a mix of German and Soviet forces, both infantry and armor well represented, along with support. Each side could access reserves, either by ferrying them across the Volga, or arriving from the various railroad stations.

Accurate Soviet Fire Rains Down on Ken's Forces

In the west, Ken's German forces attempted to push through the outskirts to secure vital railroad stations, which would limit the Soviets' ability to bring reserves in for that sector. Soviet resistence was heavy, though, particularly with unerringly accurate artillery fire, which blunted assault after assault by the Germans. In the end, Ken made no significant progress.

In the center, the fighting centered on an industrial area on the outskirts of the city, dominated by a huge, damaged factory building. Both sides pushed aggressively to secure the factory and surrounding areas, leading to heavy fighting and significant casualties on both sides. In the end, the Germans were more than holding their own in this area.

German Forces Approach the Factory

Finally, in the city itself, the struggle centered on control of docks along the Volga River, crucial for Soviet reserves. This sector also saw heavy action in the sewer system, as the Germans attempted to infiltrate Soviet lines. After heavy fighting, the Soviets were able to secure and hold the majority of the docks, despite heavy casualties (on both sides).

So overall we ended with a marginal Soviet win overall. The action was quite nailbiting throughout, with the advantage in each sector swinging back and forth throughout the game. Great fun, and quite close to the historical results.

The game was covered by our local NBC TV station, here is a link to their story, which was quite well done.

And Prepare to Assault

Heavy Fighting in the Urban Area

Armor Rumbles Through the Rubble

A Panzer Near a Sewer Manhole

Soviets Fight to Hold the Volga Docks

Soviet Gunboats Under Stuka Attack

Soviet Infantry Approach the Factory

As More Armor Moves Up

A StuG Leads the Grenadiers Forward

More Reserves Approach on the Volga

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