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2018 - Number 5


Valentines Advance (Appropriate for February...)
Bolt Action: Desert War Game #2

We have started a series of Bolt Action games set in the desert theater for the first four months of 2018. last weekend we ran our second in the series, based around an Axis assault on an Allied defensive line during the fighting around El Alamein.

The Allied forces started the game dug in along the eastern edge of the table, while Axis forces entered the table from the western table edge. Forces on both sides included normal reinforced platoons and Tank War (armored) reinforced platoons, giving a nice combined arms feeling to the game.

Gary's DAK Armor Takes Aim at Lynn's British Line

The objective for the Axis forces was to penetrate the Allied lines, so they would receive victory points for each unit that ended the game within 24" of the Allied board edge. The game saw heavy back and forth thrusts by both sides, as the armored forces dueled.

The battle played out quite quickly, with the combined DAK / Italian forces inflicting heavy casualties on the defenders, but failing to make significant inroads into the Allied side of the table. The losses on both sides wound up pretty even in the end, leaving the battered Allied forces holding on for a marginal victory. Great fun, and great to see new painted forces for both sides from the opening game last month.

View from the South Table Edge

British Forces Advance to Engage the Axis

Afrika Korps Forces Push Forward

Duel of Tankettes - Italian L3s vs. British Mk VIb

Afrika Korps Infantry Advance Through the Oasis

And Push on Toward British Lines

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