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2018 - Number 48


The First Matchup on Table 5
Age of Sigmar - Random Doubles "Tournament":

Aaron's most recent event was another silly "random doubles" event, this time using Age of Sigmar. Random Doubles pairs up players in 2 vs 2 matchups randomly, with both a team objective and also a hidden individual objective for each player. This creates a a lighthearted atmosphere, while facilitating some wacky and unpredictable gameplay.

While there were a number of prizes, the event was meant to generate intersting games and matchups, and succeeded quite well. Player feedback was so positive that we plan to run several more similar events during 2019.

Idoneth Deepkin Feeling Eel

A Seraphon / Chaos Alliance in Action

A Glottkin Feeling Nurgly

Setting Fire to a Structure Achieved a Personal Objective

Beware the Feculent Gnarlmaw

Heavy Fighting Around the Camp

No Boys, Just Ghouls

Seraphon Duke it out with Maggotkin

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