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2018 - Number 47


The Terrain - the Deirs are Marked with a Stone Border
El Alamein With Flames of War - Third Battle of Naqb Abu Dweis:

Tom and I recently fought another campaign battle, this time at Naqb Abu Dweiss. This was the third Axis attempt to seize the fortified box there, this time with the 7th Bersaglieri Regiment assaulting the 9th Indian Brigade.

As a ridge area protected by minefields, Tom was able to deploy in a very strong defensive position. My only hope lay in a quick assault, leveraging my armor, before his supporting troops could come up. The game was excellent, with Tom just barely managing to hold on until relief arrived. The Italian forces fell back to regroup, leaving him in control of the area, but surrounded.

Tom Deploys - Note the Strong Position

Another View of the Indian Defences

The Bersaglieri Advance - With Armor Support

A Lancia Fires From Distance

Gustatdori Enter the Minefield - to Clear It

Allowing the Armor to Push Through

The Assault Gets Going

M14s Take Casualties But Contest the Objective

Tom's Reserves - Valentines!

Fortunately His Dice Are Cold

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