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2018 - Number 45


The Red Army Advances on Stuttgart
Team Yankee Campaign - October

October's Team Yankee Campaign battles saw NATO forces on the back foot across the front, with renewed Warsaw Pact assaults on Cologne/Bonn, Leipzig, Stuttgart and Bremen. NATO's fighting prowess was much better than their rolls to attack, and the defenders of Cologne, Leipzig and Bremen all manged to repulse the Warsaw Pact attacks.

The exception was again in the south, with Stuttgart falling to a Soviet spearhead. The situation in southern Germany is starting to look quite serious for NATO. We look forward to more heavy fighting in November.

US M60s Engage Soviets Near Leipzig

A US/UK Force Defending Near Bremen

Massed Soviet Armor Near Cologne

British Armor and US Cavalry Fight Back

Hunter Killer Helos in Action

Chieftains Mix with Light Armor

US Cavalry to the Rescue

Soviet Infantry Advance Aggressively

Supported by Their BMPs

British Infantry Advance Near Bremen

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