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2018 - Number 40


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Mega Game: Golan Heights, 1967

Our September mega game was our first using the new Fate of a Nation rules, recently published by Battlefront and Osprey, with a scenario set during the Israeli assault on the Golan Heights, toward the end of the Six Day War.

The action featurd a mix of Israeli forces, including infantry and (lots of) armor, facing off against a mix of Syrian forces. This fighting was historically very difficult, with Syrian forces occupying strong positions and ready to fight. The Israeli forces were excellent and very motivated, but had a tough fight on their hands.

View of the Table Looking North

In the north, a Syrian T-54 Company advanced into Israel toward the village of Dan, hoping to slow the Israeli assault. It succeeded in drawing Israeli fire, but was forced to withdraw with heavy loss. The Israelis followed up, closing on Za'ura from the north.

In the center, the Israelis executed a textbook infantry / armor assault. A smoke bombardment covered the advance, and heavy fire soon forced the defenders of Qala to retire. Israeli paratroopers promptly took the village, securing a key access point to the heights. Syrian armor counterattacked, but couldn't retake the village.

The Village of Za'ura, Critical to the Defenses

In the south, Israeli armor and mech infantry advanced very aggressively, inflicting heavy casualties on the Syrian infantry. Syrian units of ex-German tanks and SPGs counterattacked, and managed to contain the Israeli advance.

So overall we ended with a marginal Israeli win overall. The action was quite nailbiting throughout, with the Syrians barely hanging on before finally being reinforced, and then counterattacking to gain lost ground. Great fun, and quite close to the historical results.

Syrian Forces Dug In Around Za'ura

And To the North

Syrian Armor Strikes Toward Dan

Syrian Defenses Around Qala

Israeli Assaults South of Qala

Ishermans Fire On the Heights

Israeli Mortars In Action

As More Armor Moves Up

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