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2018 - Number 4


Confederates Seize the Barn on Their Left
Black Powder: Two Player ACW Game

We love the Black Powder rules from Warlord Games for big horse & musket period games around the shop. What is sometimes missed by players is the fact that these rules also work really well for smaller, two player actions.

Recently Dave and Ed played out a nice 28mm American Civil War action using Black Powder, and their games does a good job illustrating how the rules work with a smaller game.

Union Forces Rally and Return to the Fight

The scenario involved a bitter struggle over a farm and outbuildings, with each player commanding several brigades. With fewer commanders to issue orders, and with the Black Powder rule ending a commander's action phase once an activation is failed, the initiative tends to pass rapidly from player to player, leaving little downtime waiting for your opponent.

The battle played out quite quickly, with a real see-saw of action along the stream, which was paltry and just took 6" of movement to cross. The critical action took place around the farmhouse on the Union left flank, which changed hands several times, before finally falling for good to a flanking thrust from the Confederate center. Great fun, and resolved in less than 2 hours of playing time.

Heavy Fighting Around the Farmhouse

Union Support Moves Up

Throwing the Confederates Back Across the Stream

Only to be Taken in the Flank

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