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2018 - Number 37


British Armor Pushing Through the Chouigui Pass
Mega Game: Race to Tunis

Our August mega game returned to Flames of War, with a scenario set during the initial Allied dash to capture Tunis, at the start of the Tunisia campaign.

The action featurd a mix of Allied forces, American and British, facing off against a mix of Axis forces. This fighting saw the debut of the Tiger tank in Africa, so several players took the opportunity to include them in their forces. Since a platoon of 2 Tigers costs 58 points of a typical 100 point total, the other forces they could field were small. But it was nice to see them fielded in a proper historical context.

Tigers Prowl Near Djedeida Airfield

In the north, a British Armoured Squadron pushed through Chouigui Pass, supported by US armor on its flank headed directly to Chouigui itself. The Axis defenders were thin in this area, so a race developed between the Allied advance and Axis reserve rolls. The Allies ended up with a firm hold on the pass and Choigui proper, but couldn't quite take the Axis held settlements around it.

In the center, the Allies (a US armor force with armored infantry support, plus a British force based around a Valentine squadron) seized Tebourba, and then mounted a series of assaults on the large hills around it. The fighting went back and forth, with several panzer counterattacks, before a final assault on the last turn secured the hill objective for the Allies.

View from El Habibiya

In the south, around Djedeida and the nearby airfield, both Axis players brough Tigers, one with some Italians and the other with panzergrenadiers. The fighting saw a rush of British armor pushing throught the much smaller Axis defenders, but struggling to deal with the Tigers.

The Allies managed to secure Al Battan, and contest Djeideida on the final turn of the game, ensuring a draw in this sector.

So overall we ended with a marginal Allied win overall. The action was quite nailbiting throughout, with the Axis barely hanging on before finally being reinforced, and then counterattacking to gain lost ground. Great fun.

US Forces Seize Tebourba

And Gain a Foothold in Chouigui

Stukas Strike British Armor Bunched in the Pass (and Whiff...)

German Forces Rush to Block the Pass

Americans Push Out from Chouigui

DAK Panzers Counterattack

British Armor Encounters a Tiger with Escort

A Valentine Squadron Gets into Action

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