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2018 - Number 36


RHA Battery Firinf on Axis Light Forces Near Alam Nayil
El Alamein With Flames of War - July 5th:

The latest campaign turn in our refight of El Alamein saw some great tabletop actions, with heavy fighting between the spearheads of the Afrika Korps and British 8th Army around Deir el Munassib and Alam Nayil. After four tabletop actions, Rommel's 15th Panzer Division managed to secure Deir el Munassib, while the 21st Panzer Division was repulsed from Alam Nayil by the British 2nd Armoured Brigade.

Axis forces are continuing to apply pressure to the entire El Alamein line, and are close to breaking through. But the British and Commonwealth forces are holding on valiantly. Stay tuned for an update on the July 6th action, and enjoy the photos!

Alam Nayil Under Heavy Bombardment

Lead Elements of 15th Panzer Approach Deir el Munassib

A Crusader Troop Under Fire

The RAF Arrives

Action at Deir el Munassib

DAK Infantry Deploys from a Wadi

DAK Forces Close to Victory at Alam Nayil

Until Desert Air Force Hurricanes Arrive (Finally)

Cannon hit on a Panzer III

The British Win the Day (Barely)

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