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2018 - Number 32


An Impressive US M60 and HMMWV Force Ready to Deploy
Team Yankee - Stripes Campaign / Phase Two

We recently completed the second phase of our Team Yankee store campaign, using Firestorm Stripes from Battlefront. After over forty individual battles, both sides are taking a breather with a temporary cease fire.

As things stand, Warsaw Pact forces have overrun all of Denmark, and hold Salzburg in Austria. In West Germany, Hamburg, Essen, The Ruhr, and Dusseldorf are under Warsaw Pact control.

Grant Looks Over the Battlefield

Honors have been fairly even in the tactical battles, with a mix of Axis and Allied victories.

As new forces continue to arrive for Team Yankee, the variety of forces plaeyers have fielded has also increased. This past session featured the first use of a French force, which was quite interesting and gave a numerically large Polish force a very difficult fight.

East German Infantry Dismounts to Enter a Woods

Action will resume after the ceasefire ends next month, stay tuned for more updates as we continue to fight through World War Three.

Soviets Face West Germans Near Frankfurt

Gary Launches His Cunning Plan

US Armored Cavalry Ready to Meet a Polish Advance

Dave's Soviets Face a Mass of M1s

Lots of Action in the Craigspiel Room Downstairs

First Casualties on Both Sides Near Frankfurt

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