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2018 - Number 30


British Armored Cars Take Out Italian Support
Flames of War - El Alamein Campaign

We recently kicked off a store campaign, focused on the fighting at El Alamein from July to November, 1942. The campaign rules can be found here.

So far, we have completed 3 campaign turns. Axis forces have pushed aggressively up to the El Alamein line, and we have generated five different tabletop actions, and played a total of ten tabletop games.

Honeys Duel with AB 41s

Honors have been fairly even in the tactical battles, with a mix of Axis and Allied victories.

Actions so far have been quite varied, including an Italian Bersaglieri assault on an Indian fortified position, DAK tanks against New Zealanders with armored support, a British armored assault on Italian fanteria, and a straight up clash of DAK and British armor.

Italian L6s Advance

We are just resolving orders for the fourth campaign turn, stay tuned for more updates as we progress.

Italian Forces Deploy

Hurricanes Pass Over British Infantry

British Infantry Defend an Objective

Gary Thinking up a Clever Plan

Honeys Burst Into the Main Italian Line

Heavy Casualties on Both Sides

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