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2018 - Number 3


Action on My Right Flank
Flames of War v4: Desert Matchup

Recently, Bart and I had a chance to play some Flames of War v4. I tried out my recently painted up Afrika Korps force, while Bart ran a very combined arms British force.

My Armored Cars Flank the Surviving Honey OP Tank

I wanted to try out my newly painted light forces, so I fielded an entire Armored Car formation (from the Command Cards), plus a full platoon of 5 Panzer II light tanks. I managed 3 formations total, the others being an infantry formation with some 5cm ATGs, plus a small formation of uparmored Panzer IIs. While I was blessed with abundant Spearhead-capable units, I'm not sure it makes sense to run so many light forces, but it sure made for a different (and fun) game...

My Light Armored Cars Burn as the Grants Advance

Bart's force was interesting, his main formation was a Grant Squadron, supported by a unit of carriers, one 25-pounder battery with a Honey OP tank, a unit of 6 (!) Bofors AA guns, and a motor infantry platoon.

DAK Infantry Hunker Down Against the British Advance

I deployed my Infantry and light armored cars on my left holding one objective, while my Panzer IIIs and heavy armored cars attacked on my right. Bart placed his carriers, one Grant platoon and his OP tank on his left, dug in infantry and Bofors covering his center objective, and the rest of his Grants and artillery on his right.

Bart's Center - Infantry Supported by Lots of Bofors Guns

We both attacked on our rights, and it was a race to see who could break through first. My light armored cars proved to be little help and were soon destroyed, while Bart took out my ATGs and wore down my infantry. They hung on as long as they could, while my attack force destroyed his Grants facing them, but couldn't quite get round his flank. They finally had to fall back to assist my hard pressed infantry, which bravely fought off two assaults, but were gradually pushed back until they were right on the objective.

My objective fell just as Bart was close to breaking and my Panzers were moving in for the kill. A great game, back and forth action and a real nail biter to the end!

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