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2018 - Number 28


The Table Viewed from the North
Square Bashing Demo Game

We recently did a demo game of an old favorite of mine - Square Bashing World War One by Peter Pig.

This rule set does a nice job recreating an operational feel of a World War One battle. The mechanics focus on 12" squares (hence the name), and all movement and fire is measured in squares - with no diagonals allowed. combat is from square to adjacent square.

British Forces Arrive in the North

The game does a nice job representing typical operational imperatives of a WW1 battle - the attacker is looking to break through, which in game terms is to get units to the defender's last row of squares, while the defender tries to hold on and inflict casualties.

The mechanics are simple and straightforward, with barrages either focusing on causing casualties or softening up the defenses for an assault, based on the firing player's choice. Combat is similarly easy to manage, with each attacking and defending unit contributing points, which transalte into rolls on the kill table to inflict casualties.

British Assault in the Center

The battle saw the Allied forces as the attackers, so the German forces set up first. In the rules, they have to leave a certain number of 2nd row squares empty, but they had some fortifications they could place in the squares they occupied.

The Allied forces then deployed, all in the first row of squares on their table edge. We had a mix of French and British forces across the breadth of the table, including a mix of infantry, tanks and artillery, along with some mounted cavalry and armored cars ready to support a breakthrough.

The action was quick and decisive from the start, as losses on each side quickly reduced their initial optimism. The Allies launched a persistent gas bombardment on turn two, further adding to German woes. In the end, several Allied players managed breakthroughs, although the Germans fought stubbornly and inflicted heavy losses on the attackers. Our group of almost all brand new players picked up the rules quickly, and the game itself was a blast. We'll definitely be doing another Square Bashing event soon.

The View South from the Center

French Armor Assaulting a Town

More French Assaulting

Aaron's French Look for a Breakthrough

Chlorine (Persistent) Gas Arrives

British Breakthrough Force Moves Up

British Armor Encounters German Armor

More Chlorine Gas Hits the German Center

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