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2018 - Number 26


PAVN Forces Push into the Town
'Nam Mega Game: Tet Offensive

We recently did another mega game set during the Vietnam War, this time utilizing the new 'Nam rules recently published by Battlefront Miniatures.

This time we set up the scenario during the Tet Offensive, modified to reflect the collections our player base has collected so far.

Riverine Forces Cover the West of the City

The game was set on the outskirts of a town, with an urban area, bordered by a river large enough to employ riverine forces. This was bordered by an area of mixed farmland, and then the western end of the table featured more closed terrain, with plantations fading to wooded highland areas.

The action opened quickly, as PAVN forces immediately assaulted the town from the south, surprising the US garrison. A riverine force encountered massed PAVN approaching the town from the west, and became heavily engaged. Meanwhile, local forces infiltrated close to a Marine firebase which guarded that area. In the open areas in the center, PAVN and US Armor both arrived, hoping to seize control and to assis their neighboring forces.

US Cavalry Mortars in Action

The battle for the highlands was quite close, with the Marines just managing to hang on, with heavy casualties on both sides.

In the center the PAVN armor suffered heavy casualties against a US Armored Cavalry force, eventually quitting the field.

The riverine force managed to hold off masses of PAVN infantry throughout the game, which was forrtunate as the battle in the town was a close run thing. When the smoke cleared, the free world forces had managed to hold on for a hard earned win. Great fun, and the rules worked really well, providing a quick and decisive game for everyone.

US Cavalry Push Toward an Objective

PAVN Forces Move up in the Center

PAVN Armor in Action

Marines Holding the Firebase in the Highlands

Local Forces Scout the Marine Perimeter

Local Forces Swarm Toward the Firebase

PAVN Armor Passes a Plantation

More Pressure on the Firebase

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