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2018 - Number 25


Parliamentary Dragoons Deploy on Their Right
Pike & Shotte: English Civil War Action

After our recent Edgehill mega game, the Skirmish group wanted to play a follow-up game set in the same era, early in the English Civil War.

This allowed them to refine their tactics with the unique armies of this period. We used the special rules and armies lists from the To Kill a King supplement for the Pike & Shotte rules, which adds a nice period feel to the games.

The Royalist Center Deploys

For anyone not familiar with the period, the Royalist army has excellent cavalry, which hits hard but is rather uncontrollable, combined with inexperienced pikes and very small, poor shotte units.

Parliament fields better, more balanced foot units, but their cavalry is tentative and more focused on shooting with their pistols than charging.

The Parliamentary Left

In the end, after a mix of triumphs and tragedies, there wasn't a lot of distance between the players.

The game saw royalist success with their horse, including a spectacular charge by Alan which punched all the way to a small island in the creek in the protestant rear.

Parliament recovered, and their foot blocks pushed forward, with good support from their guns. As the Royalist forces were forced back, they could not support their cavalry, and were eventually forced to quit the field. A great looking game with lots of good tactical ups and downs.

Alan's Cavalry Hold the "Island"

Parliamentary Guns Bombard the Royalist Line

More Foote Moves Up

Swirling Cavalry Action

Parliamentary Foot Tke Cover in a Hedged Field

Heavy Fighting on the Royalist Right

More Royalists Move Up

Royalist Cavalry Moves Up

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