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2018 - Number 23


The Battlefield Near Essen
Team Yankee: Firestorm Stripes Campaign Round Four

Our Firestorm: Stripes campaign has moved into round four, with the forces of NATO starting to seriously push back against the Warsaw Pact advance.

We managed to get in another six games, with the Warsaw Pact forces recovering from a tough session last time to post the majority of the wins.

Soviet Combined Arms Adavance on Essen

The first action this round was a US assault from Braunschweig to Harz. This turned out to be an incredibly bloody battle, but the defending Soviet defenders were able to pull out the win and halt this American thrust.

The second action involved a West German assault from Hildershein to Guttersloh, held by an East German garrison. This could widen the recently opened supply corridor for the NATO forces holding the Hannover pocket. In a very close game, though, the defenders managed to hold out, halting the West German thrust.

Gepards Tangle With East German Infantry

The third action was a British thrust from Leipzig to Dresden, looking to resume the march on Berlin. The game was very close, and resulted in a tie, allowing the Polish defenders to hold the line, but just barely.

The fourth action saw a combined Soviet thrust from the Ruhr to Essen succeed, after heavy fighting. The defending West German and US forces fought hard, though, and extracted a heavy toll on the attackers. The fifth action saw a British thrust from Gelderland to Friesland succeed against a Soviet defender, liberating all of Holland from Warsaw Pact control. The final action involved a NATO (US Cavalry, Armor and West German Armor) thrust from Leipzig to Thuringia end in a hard fought draw, against 3 Soviet defensive forces. The stiuation remains quite tense, with both sides having landed some heavy blows. We will take June off to focus on 'Nam, but stay tuned for more action in July!

As More East Germans Move Up

Another Packed House in the Craigspiel Room

Poles Advance Near Dresden

Soviets and US Tangel Near Harz

Mixed US and West German Forces Near Essen

We Overflowed Upstairs for the Battle of Friesland

US Acouts Take Heavy Fire at Essen

Leading to Excessive Russian Celebration (Cody Knows its the Wrong Flag...)

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