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2018 - Number 22


The Tables Start Filling Up
Flames of War: Armed Forces Day Tournament

Our most recent Flames of War v4 tournament was held over the Armed Forces Day weekend, featuring 100 point forces from any published Mid-War books and briefings.

This led to a nice desert / Tunisia theme, reinforced by Greg's choices of terrain for the tables.

Heavy Fighting Right From the Start

We had a really good tournout, with 11 players participating. A good mix of forces were present, with 5 British and 2 each of Italian, German and US forces being fielded.

A variety of missions were played over three rounds, challenging the players with attacking, defending and mangement of reserves (so critical in Flames of War...).

British Grants Burn

In the end, after a mix of triumphs and tragedies, there wasn't a lot of distance between the players.

The top finishers were as follows:

    1. Tyler Peacock / DAK
    2. Tod Burkett / DAK
    3. Grant Echols / US
    4. Ben Brown / British

Great fun, and we're looking forward to the next time!

Along with Shermans

Dug in British Infantry

Tanks on the Escarpment Table

Grants, Ready to Pounce


Infantry Holds a Mosque

British 25-Pounders in Action

View From a Desert Fort

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