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2018 - Number 21


Leopard 2s Take Out a Soviet Battery Near Nuremberg
Team Yankee: Firestorm Stripes Campaign Round Three

Our Firestorm: Stripes campaign moved into round three recently, with the forces of the Warsaw Pact continuing to push to expand their holdings in West Germany.

We managed to get in another five games, with the NATO forces turning the tables and enjoying significantly more success this round. The Warsaw Pact forces did enjoy one significant success, but perhaps the tables are turning for good as the NATO forces improve their tactical play.

Also Taking Out Soviet Air Defense, Before Falling to a Counterattack

The first action this round was a Soviet assault from Paderborn on Essen. With a cry of "On to Paris!" the Soviet forces advanced. This turned out to be a very hard fought and tactical battle, but the defending Americans were able to pull out the win and halt this Soviet thrust.

The second action involved a West German assault from Munster to Guttersloh, held by an East German garrison. This could open a supply corridor to NATO forces trapped in the Hannover pocket. In a very close game, though, the defenders managed to hold out, in what would prove to be the lone Warsaw Pact success of the round.

T-64s Burn Outside Nuremberg

The third action was an East German thrust from Friesland into Gelderland, seeking to bring more of Holland under their control. The game was very close, and resulted in an actual tie, allowing the British defenders to hold the line, but just barely.

The fourth action saw a combined West German thrust from Mittelfranke to Nuremberg succeed, after heavy fighting. This opened supply to NATO troops in the Leipzig area, which could allow them to resume their advance on Berlin next round. The final action involved a NATO thrust from Munster to retake Bremen, which succeeded and netted a 3VP area for the NATO tally. The stiuation is now quite tense, with both sides having landed some heavy blows. Stay tuned for more action next week!

Soviet Forces Deploy Near Nuremberg

Heavy Fighting in Gelderland

East and West Germans Clash Near Guttersloh

Resulting in Heavy Losses on Both Sides

West Germans Approach a Key Bridge

While East German Reserves Move Up

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