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2018 - Number 20


Good View of the Tabletop
Bolt Action: SNS Desert Series Finale

The SNS group finished up their series of four Bolt Action games set during the North African campaign recently, with another large action revolving around two villages controlling a section of typical desert terrain. It featured heroic SAS raiders, a mass of Italian combined arms columns, and several British columns as well. After a lot of to and fro, the Italian forces managed to eke out a narrow victory. A great series of games!

The East Village

Italians Approach the West Village

The Italian Eastern Column Advances

SAS and Italians Battle in the West Village

British Armor Approaches the East Village

More Italians Arrive

The SAS Seize the West Village

While Suffering Heavy Losses

The East Village is Contested

Italian Infantry Hold On

Happy Warriors at Game End

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