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2018 - Number 2


Her Majesty's Forces Approach the Keep
In Her Majesty's Name: Transylvania

By popular demand, whenever there is a fifth Saturday in a month Chris is organizing another chapter in our on-going series of In Her Majesty's Name games. Back in 2016 we ran a game set in the East End of London that you can read about here.

The key part of this was that Prince Vlad of Wallachia had been felled by a shot from Scotland Yard's "Consulting Detective" outside the Chapel of Edward the Confessor. The Prince's plan to abduct Lady Felicity was foiled, his demonic retainers scattered, and his body lost in the London fog.

The Gyrocopter Scouts Ahead

Since our players were eager to use the giant Helm's Deep fortress in a game, Chris decided to relocate it from Rohan to the Carpathians, and to construct some catacombs that were located under the, temporarily renamed, "Castle Todua".

The premise was that the infamous Doctor Poirot was trying to recall Prince Vlad from the infernal realms via an ancient, rune decorated gate that The Society of Thule had discovered under the castle.

One of the Heroes Takes an Evil Beast With Him As He Falls

Her Majesty's loyal servants were tasked with breaking into the castle to foil this dastardly scheme, but things were complicated when the Doctor mis-pronounced the text of an ancient book, opening the gate but allowing all manner of awful things into the mortal realm. The game then became a struggle to stop the invading demons from breaking out of the castle before the gate could be closed again.

Reinforcements Storming the Gate

Dave W. did an excellent job running the game, and producing the usual engagingly cinematic silliness, and we now have games planned for all three of the fifth Saturdays that we'll have in 2018.

Evil Guardians Start to Fall

The first will feature a trip to Skull Island where there is rumored to be an extremely large monkey, that Lord Curr has decided would make a lovely present for Her Majesty Queen Victoria.

Fighting Spreads Within the Keep

As More Forces Arrive

Don't Get Gyrocoptered (Is the a Verb??)

The Secret Facility Beneath the Keep

The Portal is Open!

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