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2018 - Number 19


View Looking East from the Oaks
Pike & Shotte: Megagame - Edgehill, 1642

Warlord Games' Pike & Shotte rules are perennially popular around the shop, but a lot of our actions have focused on the 30 Years War. With the release of the To Kill a King supplement, we got excited about doing some English Civil War action. And what better battle to start off with than Edgehill, the first large battle of what turned out to be a long war.

The scenario showed off the different capabilities of the Royalist and Parliamentary armies, with hard charging cavalry leading the way for the Royalists, while solid Parliamentary foot typically out fought their Royalist counterparts at this time. Our refight a mix of pike and shot era troops, as players are still building up their ECW collections.

Heavy Fighting in the Center

The game opened as historically with bombardments from the ordnance on both sides, with the Parliamentarians gaining an advantage as the Royalist guns were deployed up higher on edge hill, and hard to use plunging fire with less bounce through.

The Royalist cavalry on both wings then promptly charged, setting off desperate melees with the outnumbered parliamentarian horse. In the center both sides were more cautious, continuing to bombard as their foot pushed slowly forward. Both sides included many green troops, and everyone was affected by the "newly raised" rule, which introduced variable performance on the first time they either fired or fought.

Parliamentary Horse Scrambles to Face Prince Rupert

The action on the wings proved decisive. Prince Rupert's Royalist right wing took devastating losses, at one point being down to a single unit that was ot shaken, but they prevailed in the end. The Royalist left wing also had a hard time of it, needing to clear out a wood known as the Oaks before they could turn to Parliamentary flank, but they finally did clear the Oaks and were poised to push into the flank of their foes.

The Parliamentary forces fought hard, though, inflicting heavy losses on both the Royalist horse and also their foot as they struggled to engage. In the end, the action ended pretty much as it did historically, with the Royalists in a better tactical position but having suffered heavy losses, and needing to regroup before resuming their advance on London.

The Royalist Right Starts the Charge

Royalist Foot Push Near Thistle Farm

Massed Cavaliers Advance

Steady Parliamentarian Foot

Bart Holds the Parliamentary Right

As Royalist Cavalry Bears Down on Him

Heavy Fighting in The Oaks

Parliamentary Guns in Action

Rupert Makes Contact

View Toward Edgehill

Fighting Spreads in the Center

More Royalist Horse Arrives

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