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2018 - Number 18


A Tiger Platoon Leads the German Left
Bolt Action Tank War: Battle for Germany

A number of players here at the shop have gotten into 28mm tank action using the Bolt Action Tank War rules. They have built up quite a collection of early 1945 forces, and recently they did a large, armor heavy game set during the fighting in Germany in early 1945. The German forces concentrated on the Americans, while the British were able to turn the other German flank. A very competitive and photogenic game!

Panzer IVs and Panzergrenadiers Advance in the Center

Tigers Eye the American Positions

Panthers and StuGs on the German Right

Face Off With British Shermans & Fireflies

More British Armor Turns the German Right Flank

The British Continue to Make Progress

The German Center Advances

While a Tiger Burns

Pershings Duel with the Tiger Threat

More American Losses

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