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2018 - Number 17


British Defences Near Kassel
Team Yankee: Firestorm Stripes Campaign Round Two

Our Firestorm: Stripes campaign moved into round two recently, with the forces of the Warsaw Pact continuing to push to expand their holdings in West Germany.

We managed to get in five games, with the Warsaw Pact forces enjoying a much better success rate this time than during their opening battles, but NATO still managed to spoil some of the success in the final action.

Soviet Armor Approaching Kassel

The first action followed on after a NATO thrust from Kassel to Fulda was repulsed last round, this round a Soviet force counterattacked a British force holding Kassel. In a very close game, the a depleted Soviet unit of 2 tanks was able to seize an objective on the very last turn of the game, securing the win.

The second action involved a West German assault from Munster to recapture Bremen, held by an East German garrison. This could swing Bremen's 3 VP from Soviet to NATO control. In a close game, though, the defenders managed to hold out.

East and West Germans Clash Outside Bremen

The third action was a Warsaw Pact thrust from Oberpfalz to Nuremberg, which succeeded, isolating significant NATO forces that were driving into East Germany around Leipzig.

The fourth action saw a NATO thrust from Marburg to retake Frankfurt, which failed after heavy fighting. The final action involved a NATO thrust from Niederbayern into Czech territoty at Plzen, which succeeded after heavy fighting. This reopened a supply corridor to the NATO force around Leipzig, recently cut off. The stiuation is now quite tense, with both sides having landed some heavy blows. Stay tuned for more aciton in May!

East German Forces Deploy Near Nuremberg

East Germans Push Into the Suburbs of Nuremberg

US Armor Pushes on Frankfurt

Polish and East German Defenders Counter the US Thrust

British Defenders of Kassel Fire on the Advancing Soviets

While Harrier Support Hits T-64s in the Open

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