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2018 - Number 16


In Her Majesty's Name: Monkey Business

March contained a fifth Saturday (March 31st) so the usual suspects gathered for another episode of our ongoing series of "In Her Majesty's Name" games. Chris and Jim M. joined forces to produce a pretty spectacular table for this one.

Here's the briefing that Chris provided to the players:

BACKGROUND: Approximately 300km south east of Mauritius, in a remote part of the Indian Ocean, lies Skull Island. Itís away from major trade routes, and where warm tropical currents meet colder ones coming up from the Southern Ocean so the seas are often turbulent and the island shrouded in fog.

For years there have been rumors about the island hosting bizarre fauna. Some months ago, a party of shipwrecked Portuguese sailors in a lifeboat made their way towards the island, but despite their dire circumstances, they rowed away without landing, reporting seeing a gigantic ape on the shore.

Lord Curr thinks that such a beast would make a magnificent gift for Her Majestyís birthday. To this end His Lordship has commandeered the HMAS Hesperus and its crew for an expedition to the island. Simultaneously, word of these events has come to the attention of The Society of Thule.

Mr Kilmer has long brooded over the loss of Renee and Johan, the two genetically enhanced gorillas that his boss, Doctor Poirot, created back in the Congo. These two noble fellows fell at the hands of the despised Lord Curr and his minions, and it has occurred to Mr Kilmer that next time he and Lord Curr cross paths, it would be a splendid idea to have on hand, a much bigger monkey.

As the Hesperus emerges out of the mist on one side of the island, a German tramp steamer is landing its own cargo on the opposite shore.

The island contained not only natives that could act as hostiles or as guides depending on how the players reacted to them, but also a variety of dinosaurs. Whenever players moved into a new terrain square they rolled on an encounter table to see what (if anything) was lurking there.

The ensuing action featured territorial pterosaurs attacking the Hesperus, and the crew of the dirigible dangling a big crate of bananas from the airship in an attempt to lure out King Kong. The big guy managed to escape capture, but for a while he will be sharing Skull Island with Mr Kilmer and his Society of Thule entourage as the Hesperus burned the German steamer down to the waterline leaving them stranded.

The next adventure is rumored to see a return to London, but look out for a possible rescue mission to Skull Island later in the year...

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