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2018 - Number 14


The Day Starts Quietly Near the Edge of the City
Megagame: Drive on Dresden, 1985

Our megagame for March returned to Team Yankee, this time focusing on a NATO drive into East Germany to seize Dresden. The mission was straightforward but difficult for the NATO forces, needing to push across some challenging terrain on the outskirts of the city, into the teeth of the Russian defences.

Several players built new forces specifically for this action, trying out the new lists in Stripes, and the new rules for fielding Allied formations.

Waking Up to the Rumble of Armor

The terrain offered quite a task for NATO, with the city outskirts being flanked by a significant river line to the north. To the south, and in the far north under the shadow of a wooded hill were the only more open corridors of advance, other than a straight thrust at the urban area itself.

We randomly assigned sectors to the NATO commanders, and they got to take the first turnas they entered the table. Although spearhead was not useable, they still did a good job leading with their recon assets, which drew fire and screened the deployment of their heavier forces.

In the far north a West German light armor formation rushed the wooded hill, managing to clear it after heavy fighting but with significant losses. The depleted Germans did secure points for a breakthrough, but were too weakend to roll up the Russian flank.

Soviet Troops Move Up to Halt the NATO Advance

The river sector saw heavy fighting all along it, with NATO forces inflicting heavy casualties but just failing to force the river. The NATO commanders found the bridges in this area of East Germany had been deliberatly built to hold a Soviet MBT, but not the heavier NATO tanks.

Further south the NATO forces pushed hard to break through, eventually getting several units into the breakthrough zone. But on their flank the British armor covering the advance were hit from multiple sides by Soviet helicopters. Once their Rapier battery was destroyed, the helicopters inflicted heavy damage on the Chieftains.

NATO managed to achieve some success on both flanks, and a favorable casualty ratio, but the solid Soviet defence in the center and urban zone could not be overcome. Great fun, and a narrow Soviet victory overall.

Polish Hinds Screen the Russian Deployment

Soviet Players Busy Deploying Their Forces

The Polish Helicopters Soon Pull Back

NATO FOrces Arrive and the Action Starts

A HMMWV Scout is Hit by Enemy Fire

West German Scouts Look for Fords Under Fire

British Forces Try to Rush the Northern Bridge

West German Light Armor Rushes a Wooded Hill

Good View of the Whole 26 ft Table

Heavy Fighting Along the River Line

NATO Commanders Maneuver Toward the City

Heavy Casualties on Both Sides

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