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2018 - Number 13


Start of the Mission, Allied Forces Deploy
We Try Out the New 'Nam Rules

Battlefront has just released a big update to their Vietnam rules, 'Nam. The update brings the rules up to the new version four standard, adjusted for the modern period with rules lifted from Team Yankee.

We wanted to try them out with a variety of forces, so I settled on the Upriver mission, which focuses on searching or evacuating objectives by the opposing forces.

PAVN AA Forces Spring an Ambush

There are a lot of additions to the forces listed in the book, as it expands to cover the ARVN forces after the US withdrawal. The unit cards (available separately) are very well done, and really help keep the game manageable.

The rules worked very smoothly, the simplifications in version 4 Flames of War worked well in the Vietnam context, streamlining the game which moved quite rapidly. We picked it up with very little work, and it worked exactly the way we thought it should.

Our game opened with PAVN ambushes having some success, including shooting down half of SEAL team Bart in their transport helicopter. The SEALs got their revenge, however, landing and successfully searching a nearby objective, and then holding it until armored reserves arrived.

PAVN Forces Firefight with US Riverine Forces

The middle sector saw heavy fighting between the riverine forces there and a PAVN battalion, with the US losing several patrol boats and an ATC, but succeeding in securing a key objective despite the losses.

In the north a rubber plantation saw heavy fighting, with US mech infantry and ARVN leg infantry locked in a firefight with some PAVN backed up with a large contingent of local forces.

The game came down to the final turn, with the PAVN rolling double 6s to evacuate the last 2 objectives, turning a Free World victory into a Nationalist one. Great fun, and I look forward to another game soon.

Gunships Blast a Local Forces Unit

PAVN Infantry Seizes an Abandoned Firebase

Riverine Infantry Dismount Under Fire

SEAL Team Bart Searches a Weapons Cache

Patrol Boats Burn Upstream

PAVN Mortars Pound the Advancing US Forces

US Mech Infantry Strike

PAVN Armor Duels with the Brown Water Navy

US Forces Seize Another Objective

More Local Forces Arrive

Local Forces Take Out Some Armor

Sheridans Arrive to Reinforce the SEALs

Naval Battle - Amphibious Tanks vs. Riverine

Heavy Casualties on Both Sides

Booby Traps Are Sprung

More Local Forces Near the Rubber Plantation

The Way Upstream is Barred

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