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2018 - Number 12


Forces Deploy Outside Giessen
Team Yankee: Firestorm Stripes Campaign Kickoff

With the success of the Firestorm Red Thunder Campaign last year, our Team Yankee players have been looking forward to the follow-up campaign, Firestorm Stripes.

The campaign picks up where the previous one left off, with Warsaw Pact forces having penetrated West Germany in several areas, and the NATO forces having seized Leipzig in East Germany.

British Forces Eye the Russian Deployment Near Giessen

For our kickoff event we managed to get in four separate actions. The first was a combined Russian and East German thrust from the Ruhr into Giessen, looking to cut off NATO forces around Hannover. After a slogging match between British and American forces with the Russians, East German reserves arrived and finally tipped the balance toward a Warsaw Pact victory. This puts lots of pressure on the NATO corridor to Hannover.

The second action involved a NATO assault from Braunsweig into the Harz region of East Germany. This was aimed with a linkup with the NATO forces advancing around Leipzig.

Russian Forces Near Giessen

The third action was a counterattack by Warsaw Pact forces from Dresden toward Leipzig, aimed at reducing the NATO penetration there.

The final action involved a NATO thrust to retake Fulda from Kassel.

US Forces Push to Claim an Interchange

East Germans Push on Harz

Heavy Fighting Near Harz

Action Near Fulda

Soviets Assault a British/German Force Near Leipzig

An Orchard Anchors the NATO Defense Near Leipzig

American Assault Nears Giessen

The Soviets Hold On, Barely

West Germans Near Harz

Heavy Soviet Losses Near Leipzig

German Phantoms Strike the Advancing Soviets

Leopard Is Burn as Leopard IIs Advance

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