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2018 - Number 11


The Axis Forces Deploy
Bolt Action: Breakout Mission Playtest

For our monthly Bolt Action Desert themed battle in March, I wrote up a new draft mission to test, entitled Breakout. The mission is designed to give the players a very different experience, with trade offs between mobility and firepower.

The mission uses roughly equal points on each side, with very different victory conditions. The attacker (who is breaking out) receives one point for each unit successfully exiting the defender's table edge, while the defender receives one point for each enemy destroyed. This creates a very different dynamic from a typical Bolt Action game.

Allied Forces Start the Advance

Here is the Mission Summary:

FORCES / TABLE: equal point forces from historically matched theatre selectors. Table should be 4 feet wide and at least 12 feet long. The defenders should have a lot of terrain to cover, and need to rely on firepower.

DEPLOYMENT: the defender deploys all of their units within 12" of their table edge. Their units may start dug in (soft cover). The attackers units will enter from their table edge on the first turn. They do not require an activation check to arrive.

VICTORY: the defending player scores 1 point for each enemy unit destroyed. The attacking player receives 1 point for each of their units which exits the defender's table edge.

DESPERATION: the attackers are desperate to break out toward friendly lines. Attacking units which are eliminated may be recycled on the following turn from their table edge. The attacker may also voluntarily remove depleted units in order to recycle them at full strength, with these units also entering the following turn from the attacker's table edge.

DURATION: the game ends at the conclusion of turn seven.

Dug In Bersaglieri Await the Assault

Our playtest saw British and American units attempting to breakout somewhere in western Tunisia. The Americans were fully motorized and therefore more mobile, but the British brought superior firepower to bear on their enemies. They were opposed by an Afrika Korps force, and an Italian Bersaglieri force.

The game turned out to be a nail biter, with the Allies having to constanly choose between pushing forward and trying to destroy the enemy units barring their paths. As the Axis forces were slowly attritioned, they had fewer order dice in the bag, reducing their tactical flexibility. We ended with a very narrower Axis (defender) victory, and the mission turned out to be a great deal of fun.

British Infantry Infiltrates Through the Oasis

American Trucks Come to Grief as They Dash Forward

An Italian L6 Moves Up in Support

Italian Firepower vs Indomitable British Will

A Valentine Duels with a Semovente 75/18

Italian Howitzer Battery is Knocked Out

British Forces Push Further Forward

British Infantry with Armored Support

Daimler vs L6/40

An Immobilized M8 is Passed by a Valentine

The Thin Line of Khaki and Feathers is Holding

With Help from the L6

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