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2017 - Number 9


The Action Gets General

SNS Group:
Team Yankee - Ambush Scenario!

Our regular Team Yankee game last month featured a new approach - we set up a series of Warsaw Pact forces strung out along a main road corridor along a 26 foot long table.

The opposing NATO forces could enter from either flank, forcing the Warsaw Pact forces to play an all around defense to protect their vulnerable supply route / avenue of advance.

Team Yankee Cards Really Seem to Speed Up Play

Soviet Helicopters Attempt to Slow the NATO forces

This created a quite interesting set of tactics on both sides, with the NATO forces picking their entry points to try to take advantage of the terrain and the Warsaw Pact deployment, while the WP forces needed to be able to cover the corridor from both flanks.

The actual fight was as bloody as you would think, with so many open flanks. The Soviet Advanced Guard (leading their column), managed to hold off a West German force but took heavy losses, and the other WP forces struggled to reach them to assist.

Polish T-55s Under Heavy Fire

The Head of the Soviet Column Fights Back

The fighting ended with the corridor cut in several locations, but with several of the NATO forces having taken heavy losses and almost being pushed off the table. All in all a very interesting change of pace for our Team Yankee gaming.

West Germans Ambush from a Village

BMPs Cover a Flank

US Armor Pushes Ahead

BAOR Forces Push Through a Key Village

West Germans Engage the Lead Soviet Force

Good View of the Corridor

Reserves Cannot Reach the Advance Guard

Casualties are Heavy on Both Sides

Pressure on the Corridor Increases

Soviet Counterattack Comes to Grief

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