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2017 - Number 8


The Overall Battlefield, Dunker Church in Center Right

SNS Group:
Black Powder ACW - Antietam, 1862

The SNS Group has agreed to do a sequence of battle "series" for 2017, and they elected to start with Balck Powder for the American Civil War. They are planning out their periods in advance, so members have time to paint up and collect new units, and then they stay on that era for 3-4 monthly battles in a row.

This month's battle was hosted by Gary Scott, and he selected to do a portion of the Battle of Antietam. His scenario focused on the action on the Confederate northern flank, from the Corn Field and East Woods down through the northern half of Bloody Lane.

Union Forces Move Through the Cornfield

View From the Confederate Center

Each of the group members brought forces, so the final battle was quite heavy on troops and action. Gary acted as the overall Union commander, while Lynn Ostler took that role for the Confederates.

The game followed a pretty historical path, with Union forces overrunning much of the north, and launching heavy assaults on the CSA center. In the south, however, they never reached Bloody Lane, due to heavy Confederate fire. Confederate flanking attempts in the north met a mass of Union troops and artillery, and were unable to push forward while taking heavy losses.

Bloody Lane Seen from the West

The Union Advance Begins

When the dust settled both forces were battered but still combat ready, and MacClellan had again been denied his decisive victory on the battlefield, but had managed to ensure a CSA withdrawal back to Virginia, a strategic success for the Union. The game itself was great fun, with lots of drama and nicely painted troops. Altogether a great day of Black Powder action, and I look forward to Salem Church next month!

CSA Artillery Opens Fire

Gary Oversees the Battlefield

The Union Advance Continues

Dunker Chruch and the West Woods

More Confederate Fire Thins the Union Forces

But They Continue to Surge Forward

The Cornfield is now in Union Hands

The Attackers Reach Dunker Church

Heavy Action Up and Down the Line

At Them with the Bayonet

Confederate Reserves Arrive in the Threatened Center

The Sunken Road Holds

Lynn Oversees the Defence

Union High Water Mark

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