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2017 - Number 7


Israeli Forces Move South on the Nablus Road

Jerusalem, 1967

With the increasing popularity of Team Yankee, and our large collections of Arab-Israeli forces, I thought it would be cool to try out a large game using the Team Yankee rules. I had to convert over the Flames of War stats, and make up cards for the units involved, but this was a fun exercise.

With the details trickling out on the new version of FOW, I had a reasonable idea how Battlefront saw the old FOW stats converting to the new Team Yankee / FOW v4 format. So our cards are in no way official, but they worked quite well for the game.

Heavy Fighting on French Hill

Jordanian Forces Assault Up Mount Scopus

The scenario focused on the fighting outside the old city to the north, which really sealed the fate of the Jordanian garrison inside. Israeli forces, including elite paratroopers, pushed on the key Jordanian positions from several directions, creating a fluid situation with Jordanian forces maneuvering around their fixed, fortified (infantry) positions.

The game itself was very close, with Israeli forces contesting the Rockefeller Museum, taking Ammunition Hill and almost sweeping the table to the north along the Nablus Road. The Jordanians held on to French Hill despite heavy fighting, along with the American Colony area, Sheikh Jarrah District and the Ambassador Hotel, and managed to punch through to take back the YMCA building for a narrow 5-4 win.

Jordanian Armor Under Heavy Fire Near Ammunition Hill

Israeli Armor Advances on Ammunition Hill

The game turned out really well. It was incredibly close, and the Team Yankee rules engine seemed to make play faster and easier. The cards were a big hit as well. I've scheduled another go, this time with Egyptians vs. Israelis, for a few months out.

Heavy Fighting Near the Ambassador Hotel

Jordanian Forces Near the Hotel Itself

AMX-13s Push to Relieve Mount Scopus

While Mech Infantry Looks to Clear the Nablus Road south

Jordanian Mech Infantry Near Ammunition Hill

Paratroopers Advance Beneath the Walls of the Old City

Heavy Action Viewed fro within the Old City

Russ Holding the American Colony

More Paratroopers Push Forward

Things Get Serious Near the City Walls

Israeli Airpower - More of a Threat in the TY Rules

Casualties Are Heavy on Both Sides

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