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2017 - Number 6


Gary Overseeing the Pontic Deployment

Hail Caesar:
Chaeronea 86BC

Arb and I have been trying to organize a couple of games set during the Republican Roman era, and last month we got to the battle of Chaeronea from 86BC. This was a battle between the forces of Mithridates of Pontus, under his general Archelaus, and a Republican Roman army under Lucius Cornelius Sulla.

This was the second major battle fought at this site, an earlier engagement being fought between Macedonian and Greek forces in 338BC.

Greek Allies on the Flanks

View From the Roman Left Toward Their Center

Arb took the role as Sulla, while Gary Scott took the role of Archelaus. The battlefield was, as with most ancient battles, a relatively flat plain, in this case with a winding stream in the south.

The forces deployed pretty historically, with massed legions and phalanxes in the center, and cavalry and light troops concentrated on the flanks. The battle also flowed pretty historically, with the Pontic forces gaining an initial advantage but the Roman forces proving very durable and righting the balance as time wore on. We even got to try out scythed chariots for the first time in Hail Caesar, somewhat underwhelming but very flavorful.

Scythed Chariots Deploy

The Pontic Left

The game turned out to be a big success, with lots of drama and a beautiful spectacle of nicely painted troops. Altogether a great day of Hail Caesar action, and great fun!

Thanks to Arb for all of his help with the game!

The Roman Right Advances

Intimidating Pike Block

The Stream Disrupts Action in the South

More Pontics Advance

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