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2017 - Number 57


Saruman's Commanders Eye the Main Citadel Warily

Lord of the Rings Mega Game:
Assault on Helm's Deep

Our annual tradition of running a Lord of the Rings mega game in December continued again this year, this time focusing on Saruman's assault on the fortress of Helm's Deep. This was inspired by a customer, who donated a giant partially built (actually, very partially built) model of the main fortress.

It took Chris an amazing amount of time to turn it into something workable, so we figured it would be great to use it in a game. We built it out and extended out the Deeping Wall to provide a good semblance of the overall fortress.

Saruman's Forces Gather

Hayden Deploys the Outnumbered Defenders of the Keep

We had a very good turnout, and assembled a truly massive force of Uruk-Hai and Isengard Orcs for the Assault. They were supported by a gaggle of Seige Ballistas (particularly deadly), Battering Rams to assist in breaching gates and walls, and engineers with gunpowder bombs to try to blow the walls at the culvert.

The Rohirrim were aided, as in the film version of the battle, by Haldir's Elves, but wre still greatly outnumbered. The citadel was reinforced by both King Theoden and his Royal Guard, and also the mightly Three Hunters (Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas). The assault started, and the defenders poured fire on the attackers, managing to kill several units of engineers (particular targets), and also weaken the attackers as they moved to the base of the walls to launch their assault ladders.

Initial Deployment Continues

Outnumbered Defenders Look Out From the Deeping Wall

Soon fighting was raging along the length of the defences. The citadel suffered particularly from heavy seige ballista fire, and soon the defenders were falling back to the inner rings of defence. The Deeping Wall was slowly overwhelmed as well, with the coup de grace being the detonation of a mine under the culvert, blowing open a huge section and allowing the forces of Saruman to pour in. The numbers seemed far too much, until in the distance horns sounded, signalling the approach of Gandalf with relief. Would he be in time?

And with that we had to end the game, with with a solid victory for Saruman tempered by the coming arrival of reinforcements. Overall a very visually appealing and greatly enjoyable event. I will post some bonus pictures next week as well.

The Keep Walls Rise Imposingly

Uruk-Hai Approach the Deeping Wall

The Three Hunters Among the Rohirrim Defenders

The Causeway Leading to the Keep Entrance

Saruman's Massed Forces Advance

The Defending Commanders, Looking Stalwart

The Assault Gets Underway Properly

More and More Uruk-Hai Approach the Defences

Consternation Sets in for the Defenders

The First Ladders go up

The First Unit Gains Purchase on the Walls

A Column of Uruk-Hai Assaults the Main Gate

More Forces Approach the Citadel

As the Heroic Defenders Are Whittled Down

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