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2017 - Number 56


Polish Armor Deploy Near Schwerin

Campaign Conclusion:
Team Yankee / Red Thunder

Our ongoing store Team Yankee Campaign (Red Thunder!) wrapped up this month, progressing through in store battles with our regular cadre of Team Yankee players. This month we finished the third phase of the campaign, where for each battle there is a 50/50 chance of the NATO player being able to place the battle arrow, allowing a very fluid campaign situation.

Keeping with the focus in phases one and two, much of the action stayed in the north. The poor luck of the Warsaw Pact players on placing battle arrows continued, allowing NATO to continue their counterattacks throughout the phase.

The Map at the Conclusion of the Campaign

The West German Braintrust Deploys Near Bremen

When the dust settled, the Warsaw Pact penetration was reduced to a small area, encompassing Hamburg North, Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg South. However, they did hold on to all of East Germany and Czechoslavakia, for a total of 32 Victory Points.

Nato, after their successful counterattacks, had liberated much of the West German territory initially lost. At the end of the campaign, they held a total of 65 Victory Points.

Soviet Motor Rifle Troops Outside Hannover

Polish Turn the German Flank at Schwerin

With NATO holding more than double the VPs that the Warsaw Pact held, we ended the campaign with a pretty clear NATO victory. The campaign was great fun, generating lots of interesting tabletop battles, and we had a wonderful time playing through it. We're looking forward to the upcoming campaign for Stripes, sometime in 2018!

Soviet Armor Burns Outside Bremen

German and British Airstrikes Near Bremen

Soviet Infantry Takes a Hill Near Bremen

West German Artillery in Action

The Map At the End of Campaign Phase Two

The Map at the Midpoint of Campaign Phase Three

Leopards Stalk the Polish Near Schwerin

But the Poles Secure a Critical Objective, After Too Much Local Bratwurst

The Games in Process

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