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2017 - Number 55


Massed British Armor Moves Forward

Annual Tanksgiving Game:
Operation Supercharge

We have a tradition of doing a really large, tank focused game each year in November, to celebrate "Tanksgiving". This year we used the new Flames of War Version 4 rules for a mid-war action at El Alamein - Operation Supercharge. This was Montgomery's final, gruelling push to drive the Axis forces back.

The action focused on the large armored clash that followed the initial night attacks by infantry, focused on the attempt to break through the Axis gun line along the Rahman track, their final defensive position at Alamein. The terrain here was quite open and flat, with a few rises which dominated the low ground around them.

More British Armor Emerges Near Point 29

Action All Along the Track

The British players fielded a variety of armored formations, with a few having Motor Company support. They each received offboard artillery support as well, as the British artillery was very influential in the actual battle. The German forces were allowed to field a few Italian units intermingled with them, but most opted to focus on German armored units. each German player also received a dug-in 88mm battery, and 4 minefields to represent the fortifications around their postions.

The action was heavy right from the start, as British armor pushed forward and the panzers responded. In the far north, British forces struggled to support each other and the Germans were able to concentrate against them individually. A heroic push by motor infantry, though, managed to cut the Rahman track here, which could lead to a breakthrough if support could make it forward.

Light Panzers Protest an 88's Flank

Grants and Panzers Duel

Further south the action was also heavy, as a combined DAK-Italian force used heavy firepower to slow and then halt the British advance on Tel el Aqqaqir. The southern sector also saw heavy fighting, with the Axis gradually gaining the upper hand. When the dust settled (literally in this case...) the Axis line was bent but not broken. Montgomery's breakout would be delayed for another day.

The game played quickly and smoothly, and the mid-war forces were quite interesting to see in masse. I am sure we will have some more mid-war desert games upcoming.

German Positions on Tel el Aqqaqir

Fighting Gets Heavy in the Center

Motor Company Troops Move Up

British Combined Arms

Stuarts Charge Some Panzers

Italian Semoventes Move Up

Marders in Action

A 6-Pounder Battery Fires on the DAK

British Infantry Reach the Rahman Track

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