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2017 - Number 52


Marders Burn as a Tiger Noses Forward

Flames of War Version 4:
Some Tunisia Action

Some of the players who tried out the new mid-war Americans during our launch events recently got together for a rematch. The game featured Tunisia-themed forces on typical terrain from that area.

Since the demo, I have added a complete M3 Stuart Company to my building US mid-war force, so the game was played at 150 points per side. This allowed a nice variety of equipment, and the DAK player even tried out a full battery (of 4!) 88mm FlaK teams, which allowed him to dominate an entire sector of the battlefield.

DAK Infantry Hold Out in a Tunisian Village

US Forces Push Forward on Their Right Flank

Even though both players are rather new to the new verion 4 rules, the game played very smoothly and reached a satisfying conclusion in less than two hours.

The new US forces do a great job of adding depth to the mid-war period, and they have very different capabilities to either the Afrika Korps or British Desert Armor forces initially released. Since they play very differently, the game has been gaining flavor with each new release.

A Unit of Panzer IIIs is Overwhelmed by Stuarts

M4 Shermans in Action

Great fun, and I am continuing to build up my new US forces, plus expand my Afrika Korps force. I am looking forward to our Operation Supercharge mega game later this month!

German 88s Dominate the Center

Good View of the Overall Field

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