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2017 - Number 51


Launch Banner Shows Off the New Game

We Try Out the New GW Game

Shadespire, the latest Games Workshop board / miniatures game, represents quite a departure for the company. Set in the cursed city of Shadespire, within the Age of Sigmar fantasy setting, it focuses on "arena combat" between small warbands within the cursed city.

Unique from previous GW offerings, Shadespire uses some unique mechanics that focus on an interaction of miniatures, special combat dice and cards. The cards are structured to allow a deck building component, which opens up a new and quite interesting strategy aspect into the games.

The Stormcast Warband Ready to Rumble

Steelheart, Stormcast Leader

The core game features Stormcast Eternal and Korne Bloodbound warbands, which show off the mechanics nicely. The Stormcast are individually powerful, but the band is only 3 models, while the Bloodbound start with 5 models, with a variety of abilities. Your fighters can be upgraded in capability using the cards, and also from becoming inspired, the trigger for which differs from warband to warband.

The game has gotten off to a great start. The combination of fast play (my games have averaged less than 30 minutes) and the neat tactical choices give it a high replay value, particularly after you start to build customized decks for your warbands.

The miniatures for the game are amazing, and have the bonus in that they also work with Age of Sigmar actions. They come molded in a unique basic color, so they can be used easily even before you paint them. And you will want to paint them, the level of detail is amazing.

A Typical Game in Process

The Bloodbound Warband Prepare to Enter Battle

GW has already introduced two new warbands - Deathrattle skeletons and Ironjawz Orruks, with more on the way. They are also supporting competitive play starting in 2018, which gives the game another dimension. I've really liked what I see so far, and I cannot wait for the next warband - Skaven!

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