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2017 - Number 49


The Camp by the Dig

In Her Majesty's Name:
Airship Mayhem

We have a tradition of doing a "Holloween" Mega game in October, and this year Chris organized another installment in our series of adventures using In Her Majesty's Name from Osprey.

The scenario involved disturbed skeleton warriors, evil plots, and a magnificent jewel as the key objective. Chris also built up a large airship (see previous blog post on construction) to represent the HMS Hesperus.

An Ancient Evil Awakes

Skeleton Warriors Arise from the Sand

The game itself was great fun, with a very cinematic chase to the sirship, followed by a narrow escape of Lady Felicia with the jewel.

The Hesperus Heads to the Rescue

Lord Curr Takes on the Skeletons

Lady Felicia Absconds in the Confusion

The Harrowing Chase to Safety

Final Battle Under the Airship

Lady Felicia Makes it Out

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