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2017 - Number 5


Bart Getting Everything Sorted

Team Yankee:
January Open Game

Bart has started running monthly Team Yankee games, both to express his love of modern armor and to provide a place for new players to learn the game. This month's game was very well attended, and saw the debut of several new forces.

His scenario focused on a Warsaw Pact assault against a mixed force of NATO defenders, with both sides facing off across a 4 foot by 12 foot table of typical German countryside.

In TY Action Starts Quickly

Mark's New Soviet Motor Rifle Force

We wound up with a nice cross-section of forces for both sides. The table had a major highway bisecting it, and both sides were trying to clear it for future use.

The action was pretty much continuous from the start. We tried out the new Ghar Bombardment Crawler (verdict= way cool), and got a nice mix of maneuver, shooting and hand to hand combat in. The Ghar managed to be the first side to secure one of the rogue drones (objectives), securing a marginal and hard-fought victory.

US Armor Gets Stuck In

Soviet Casualties Mount

The demo turned out to be a big success, with each of the new players picking up the game and a starter force. Altogether a great day of sci fi action, and great fun!

The Poles Arrive

And Immediately Receive Heavy Fire

Soviet Airpower in Action

Cobras Claim Another Victim

The Gang in Action

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