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2017 - Number 48


East Germans Ouside Hannover

Campaign Update:
Team Yankee / Red Thunder

We are continuing our store Team Yankee Campaign (Red Thunder!) again this month, progressing through in store battles with our regular cadre of Team Yankee players. This month we moved into the second phase of the campaign, where for each battle there is a 1/3 chance of the NATO player being able to place the battle arrow, allowing some counterattacking by them with some luck.

Keeping with the focus in phase one, much of the action stayed in the north. Additional Warsaw Pact attacks focused on expanding their penetration, and in heavy action they secure Bremen and 3 additional victory points.

The Map At the End of Campaign Phase One

British Armor Engages Near Hannover

The other battles, though, saw NATO place the battle arrow time after time, allowing counterattacks which were broadly successful. First a West German force pushed back into Braunschweig, recapturing it and reopening a supply line to Luneberg, which had been cut off last month.

A second counterattack by British forces freed Hamburg South (the Polish garrison still holds Hamburg North, or "Cheeseburg" as they have christened it). The action here was quite brutal, with Soviet forces fighting hard and inflicting heavy losses on the British, before finally being forced to withdraw.

East German Armor Under Fie - Hannover

Long Range Duel - Chieftain vs. T-72M

Following up from this, the Warsaw Pact spearhead is now itself cut off, holding both Hannover and Bremen but with no supply line back to the east. The final positions are shown on the map image below. Next month's finale should see some very interesting strategic maneuvers.

I will post some additional shots of the other actions from phase two next time.

More East Germans Push Toward Hannover

East German BTR-60s in Action

East German Infantry Clears a Woods

East German Support Units Burn

More East Germans Burning

The Map At the End of Campaign Phase Two

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