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2017 - Number 47


British Forces Push Forward

Black Powder Napoleonics:
Penninsular Campaign Action

The SNS Group decided to do a series of Napoleonic games for the last quarter of 2017, and after the kickoff game I ran (Chateaux-Thierry, 1815), they are focusing on the Penninsular Campaign.

Mark ran their game for this month, which pitted a French force gainst a British force somewhere in Andalusia.

The French Arrive

More British Units Arrive

This allowed the players to get familiar with the period rules for the Penninsula, from Black Powder: Albion Triumphant (Volume 1).

The actual game focused along a small stream crossing, and saw heavy action all along the table.

The British Commander Directs His Guns

Good View of the Contested Creek

A great looking game.

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