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2017 - Number 45


In Her Majesty's Name:
Constructing an Airship

This year's Halloween event is going to be another episode of our "In Her Majesty's Name" games. The key visual element will be a (suitably steampunk) airship.

Earlier in the year, Dave D. purchased the "Crew of The Hesperus" from Artizan Designs, and mentioned that if only they had a suitable ride, he'd love to use them in the upcoming Halloween game. Challenge accepted, Chris got to work scratch-building GAJO's own Her Majesty's Airship Hesperus.

The Gondola, with its magnetized twin gatlings, and flamethrowers, was built out of spare parts lying around the shop. The actual balloon element (which, given the flamethrowers on board, we're going to assume is filled with helium) is styrofoam with added plastic rod struts, covered with plaster.

Look for this beast to loom over the table in the post for October's mega-game.

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