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2017 - Number 44


Climax of the Japanese Assault on Bloody Ridge

Flames of War Megagame:
Guadalcanal, 1942

While we have been exnjoying the new Flames of War version 4 rules, I had not yet tried to run a Pacific game incorporating the changes. September's megagame gave us that opportunity, and I focused on the historical assault on Bloody Ridge, combined with a separate table focused on the Japanese armor assault on the Marine perimeter near the Matanikao River.

The Bloody Ridge table saw a conventional infantry fight, as the Japanese struggled through heavy jungle to get at the ridge. Splitting their forces they sent a small force against the east end of the ridge, aiming to pin down the Marines there while hitting the western end with the mass of their forces.

The East End of Bloody Ridge is Holding

Marine Armor in Action Near Matanikao

The Marines redeployed a pltoon forward, but the initial Japanese rush came close to overruning the position. The timely arrival of reserves, and supporting Amtanks, were able to save the day, and send the Japanese reeling back down into the jungle.

On the Matanikao table, a Japanese armor force succeeded in crossing the river, only to peter out in small fights with arriving Marine Stuart units. The delays in crossing the river split up the Japanese mass and allowed the Marines to overwhelm their tanks piecemeal. Despite great bravery, a victory was not in the cards for the Japanese armor either.

Heavy Fighting East of the Matanikao River

Japanese Banzai Charge Up Bloody Ridge

The game was great fun, and the Pacific forces played very well with the new version 4 rules. I will definitely be planning another Pacific game for next year.

The Thin Green Line

Marine Counterattack

Japanese Move Up Through Heavy Jungle

Pinning Down the Marines in the East

Japanese Armor Takes Heavy Losses

Marine Stuarts Win the Day

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