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2017 - Number 43


White Explorer Column Advances

Congo Mania:
We Try 3-Player Congo

After several successful playtests of the basic Congo, we wanted to see how it worked with multiple players. So this past month we did two multi-player games, each different missions, to try it out.

The first game saw an Explorer column, a Zanzibari column and an African Kingdoms (Azande) column fighting it out for a chance at the water of life. This is an interesting mission, where you have to gain control of the area in the table center where the water is, secure it, and then try to get it off table through a random corner that you only learn by scouting out information during the game.

Opening Fire on the Guardians of the Well

Zanzibaris Meet Some Local Fauna

Our action saw the Explorer force, with its significant firepower, clear out the sacred guardian unit guarding the fountain, and then settle down to use its firepower against both of the other columns as they tried to come close. If they could prevent wither other player from getting the water off table, they would win. Although the Azande bore the brunt of their fire early, the Zanzibaris encountered a giant ape as they tried to search for information on which board edge they needed to remove the water to, and proceeded to get a series of units mauled or destroyed by the angry critter.

This allowed the Azande to get up and take the water from them, and then high tail it towrd the appropriate board edge. The game came down to the final turn, great fun!

While the Azande Scouts Locate the Key Info

More Azande Move Up

The second game was similar, with each side trying to rescue their hostage from the sacred area in the center, and hopefully snag another hostage as well. This time all the forces started out closer to the action, so we got into it right away. Very early on we drew the event token and all 3 hostages escaped to their respective parties. Although lots of fighting followed, no force managed to recapture a second hostage, so we settled for a hard fought draw.

Both games were great fun - Congo worked quite well with multiple players, the activation card interaction becomes even more pressure-filled as you have to out-guess multiple players. Great fun, and we'll definitely be playing some more!

Three-Way Fight for the Well

Azande Spearmen Panic

Action at the Well Heats Up

Azande Haul the Special Water Away

Bart's Action Deck (in Action!)

Second Game - Interspersed Units Lock Horns

Azande Musketmen Pelt the Zanzibaris

Pygmy Archers Continue to Taunt the Azande

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