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2017 - Number 42


Russian Armor Turn a US Flank

Team Yankee / Red Thunder:
More Battles from Phase One

As mentioned in a previous post, we have been steadily battling through a Team Yankee Red Thunder campaign here at the shop, so I thought I would post some more pictures of the other battles we fought during phase one of the campaign.

Phase one covers the surprise attack portion of the campaign, where the Warsaw Pact forces are calling the tune, and each battle area was chosen by the Warsaw Pact commander, as part of their plan to overrun as much of West Germany as possible. Our campaign has seen NATO hold firm in the southern area, but the Warsaw Pact forces have made significant gains in the north, overruning Hamburg and pushing right up to the Danish border.

Americans Pull Back in Schleswig-Holstein

Polish Armor Push on Luneberg

After the Russo-Polish breakthrough in Hamburg North, follow-up attacks succeeded in securing the remainder of Hamburg, and also Schleswig-Holstein. A Polish assault on Luneberg was fended off by West German forces, but they were left isolated by the fall of Braunschweig to East German forces.

Most of the battles were very close and hard-fought. A few different die rolls either way could have swung the results. Our NATO players are still working on how to manage against much larger Warsaw Pact forces (Poles and East Germans), working out the right force mix to savoid the "not enough guns" feeling with their superior, but pricey, equipment.

Marders Burn as the Poles Advance

Polish Shilkas in Action

We'll now move into the "Breakthrough" phase, where NATO has a 2 of 6 chance to place the battle arrow for each game. It will be interesting to see how the next phase plays out.

Stay tuned for another update next month!

East vs West Germans South of Hamburg

East Germans Advance on British in Braunschweig

New Apartment Blocks from Battlefront (Braunschweig)

West Germans Take a Heavy Toll near Hamburg

British Helicopters Stalk T-55s Near Braunschweig

While Cobras Support US Armor in Schleswig-Holstein

US Flank Falls in Schleswig-Holstein

Poles Flounder on Minefields Near Luneberg

East Germans Overwhelm a British flank Near Hamburg

An Objective Falls While Chieftains Burn

The US Objectives Fall in Schleswig-Holstein

The Few Remaining M1s Retire

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