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2017 - Number 38


View from the W German Left

Campaign Update:
Team Yankee / Red Thunder

We are continuing to contribute to the Battlefront / Beasts of War global Team Yankee Campaign (Red Thunder!), through in store battles with our regular cadre of Team Yankee players. Since last month's kickoff, we have fought a whole series of battles as the Warsaw Pact forces use the initial (Surprise Attack) phase of the campaign to make gains into NATO territory.

We are up to six campaign battles now, and the Warsaw Pact forces have rebounded from thei defeat in the Fulda Gap to make good gains, primarily in the northern sector of the front.

The Campaign Map

Polish T-55s Overrun the W German Right

The first red victory came in Hamburg, where a mixed Russian and Polish force hit the West German defenders hard. Despite their excellent equipment, the Germans struggled with the sheer mass of the Poles, coupled with the firepower the Russians brought to bear. This battle saw our first use of the new T-64 tank for the Soviets, and they provided some excellent long range firepower, dueling with and pinning down the West German left flank.

With the Germans engaged on their left, the Poles were able to mass against the objective on the German right, and although they suffered significant losses, managed to secure it in the end. A hard fought action, and a tough matchup and mission for the German forces. From a purely culinary perspective, the Poles have renamed the area "Cheeseburg" and are now well entrenched in garrison.

Gary Looks Worried as the Polish Approach His Right

Long Range Duel - T-64s vs. Leopard 2s

Following up from this, further Soviet thrusts took Schleswig-Holstein, Hamburg south and Braunschweig, while NATO repelled a Polish supporting assault on Luneburg. The final positions are shown on the map image below.

I will post some additional shots of the other actions from phase one next time.

Bart Holds the Crossroads

Polish BMP-1s Advance

Polish Infantry Clears a Woods

Final Situation on the German Right

Poles Have the Objective

The Map At the End of Campaign Phase One

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