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2017 - Number 4


US Gunboats Positioned Near the Landing

Black Powder:
Shiloh Day

This month the SNS Group kicked off a series of 28mm American Civil War games using the Black Powder rule set, and the excellent Glory Hallelujah! supplement for the ACW.

This month's game was Shiloh, and focused on the critical Confederate assault on the landing area, which represented their high tide for the battle, and best chance to defeat Grant.

Union Troops In Encampment

Confederate Forces Advance Through Light Woods

Dave and Dennis collaborated on the scenario, with Dave doing an admirable job of running the game on the day. The Union forces were thin on the ground, with groups of stragglers who could possibly rally clustered around the landing.

The hinge of the Union position was a large battery of heavy guns in their center, which was key to the action that followed. The CSA forces pushed hard through the difficult terrain, but the guns were awesome in defense, and even managed a triple move at one point into the flank of the CSA advance, with predictable results.

Dave Ensures Deployments Are Historical

Alan and Lynn Sizing Up the Big Guns in the Union Center

In the end a solid Union victory resulted. The game turned out to be a big success, with lots of fun and good natured ribbing on both sides. Everyone is looking forward to next month's game, which will be hosted by Gary Scott. Enjoy the pics!

Dave Gets the Game Going

On They Come

Confederates Advance Smartly

But Struggle to Get to Grips Quickly in the Dense Terrain

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