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2017 - Number 39


A Stuart Platoon Moves Up

Flames of War Version 4:
Fighting First Launch Weekend

This past weekend saw the initial release of the (much anticipated) updated US forces for Mid-War, with the "Fighting First" book and a new starter box "Patton's Fighting First". To celebrate, I got some paint on a sample force and set up a Tunisia themed demo game for Saturday afternoon.

The goal was more to give players a chance to see the new US kit in action, and we wound up with a mix of British and US forces facing off against multiple Afrika Korps forces amongst the hills of Tunisia.

German Forces Watch Patiently

The Players Setting Up

The rules worked quite well, and the players quickly got to grips with each other. The German left managed to quickly push back Mark's British defenders, although as his armor arrived things see-sawed back and forth a bit. In the end the German firepower was too much for the British, aided considerably by Mark's dice, or rather his inability to roll higher than a 3 on almost all occasions. His Mark IV Female did manage to see off a mass of German infantry trying to assault it, quite heroically in fact.

On the other flank the action was more balanced. The French scored an early success with their only AT gun taking out one German A7V, but the German forces advanced steadily and soon were holding an objective, and contesting another one, leaving that flank as a hard fought draw.

Cody Watches the American Forces Moving Up

Shermans and Stuarts Cover an Objective

In the end it was an overall German victory, with heavy casualties on both sides - rather close to the historical result. The version 4 rules worked quite well, speeding up the play as they do in WW2 and streamlining out a lot of superfluous detail.

I will post some additional shots of the action next time.

The Forces Get Into Action

DAK Infantry Advance Along a Wadi

Germans Draw First Blood

Stuarts Harass a Panzer IV Platoon

Even Poorly Skilled Shermans are Dangerous

A Stuart Looks for a Shot on Some Marders

The DAK Triumphs in the End

A Final Push by a Sherman Platoon Clears an Oasis

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