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2017 - Number 36


NATO Commanders Confer

Team Yankee:
Red Thunder Campaign Kickoff

Battlefront and Beasts of War are running a global Firestorm campaign this summer to celebrate the release of the Red Thunder book for Soviet forces in Team Yankee. We held our campaign kickoff recently, and started with a bang - a large multi-player battle set in the Fulda Gap area.

We fielded roughly 500 points per side on an 18 foot by 6 foot playing area, with Soviets and Polish assaulting a NATO force of Americans, British and West German (showing real NATO solidarity...). The game saw our first taste of the new T-64 tanks for the Soviets, which although pricey in points have some very cool features.

Garry's British Face a Lot of Soviet Armor

Heavy Action All Along the Front

The Warsaw Pact commanders eschewed subtlety and opted for simple, armor heavy forces to make their initial push. The NATO commanders each went with a more balanced approach, leading to some interesting matchups, like a batch of Luchs armored cars taking on Soviet BMP-1 scouts at close range.

Initially, the Warsaw Pact forces had some successes as they pushed energetically forward. The T-64 features a long range AT missile in addition to its main gun, allowing Soviet forces improved long range firepower. An entire platoon of Chieftains went down on the first turn to volleys from the T-64s.

British Infantry Digs in to Halt any Breakthrough

West German Forces Counterattack

NATO reacted quickly however, using the terrain very well and channeling the Warsaw Pact advance into well laid out kill zones, where they soon took a heavy toll on the opposing armor. Although the Warsaw Pact forces pushed hard, the losses slowed, and then prevented any chance for a quick breakthrough. The second echelon will need to do better!

Heavy Losses on the Soviet Left

But the Advance Pushes Back British Light Forces in the Woods

Soviets Push Across a Stream

Polish Armor Duels with US and German Armor

US Mech Infantry Secure Fulda Itself

While Luchs Duel with Polish Recon BMPs

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